CHINA MEDIA BULLETIN Headlines - White Paper Protests
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CHINA MEDIA BULLETIN Headlines - White Paper Protests

17 January 2023


But Chinese plat- forms initially struggled to cope with the huge volume of videos and messages related to the blaze, much like with the public reaction to the death of Dr. [...] By protecting the freedom and accessibility of the global internet, the international community will be providing Chinese people and others who live behind authoritarian firewalls with the means to build solidarity and movements that challenge the very mechanisms that deny them fundamental freedoms. [...] The appointment of the Shanghai party chief Two Fudan University professors stand Li Qiang, who oversaw the city’s strict and between students and a row of police on prolonged lockdown, to the second-high- Urumqi Road in Shanghai on November 26. [...] Students sang the Chinese national anthem, in a show of patriotism for the country, not the Party, that declares “Arise! Ye who refuse to be slaves!” The youth-dominated movement also saw greater awareness from previously apolit- ical people of the truth of the CCP’s persecution of Uyghurs and Hong Kongers, and growing realization that those mechanisms of control can be also used against mid- dle-. [...] Watch for the continued erasure of Hong Kong outlets’ old news content, as press groups and individuals continue to respond to the threat of sedition and NSL prosecutions in light of the cases against Stand News and Apple Daily.

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