Governing the beautiful game: the future of football in civil society
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Governing the beautiful game: the future of football in civil society

6 February 2023


Given the fundamental importance of grassroots football to the future of football in England, the second part, for publication following the release of the White Paper, will look to analyse in closer detail the specific areas a regulator must focus on if it is to deliver for football at a grassroots level, as well as best practices to implement in order to do this. [...] The downside is that the remaining group of fourteen clubs, irrespective of their constituents, will fall further behind the Bix Six in terms of revenue, profitability and on-pitch performance.’43 It was out of this culture of self-preservation at the expense of much of the rest of the English footballing pyramid that the European Super League was born in April 2021. [...] However, from the outset, the test’s design was fundamentally weak in nature, and simply required the prospective owner or director to overcome a set of reasonably lenient set of conditions.108 The main points of disqualification were having a conflict interest with another club in the Football League, being in the process of filing for bankruptcy, and having previously been the director of two or. [...] Furthermore, in a separate recommendation to the test, and looking to protect club heritage, the review recommends a ‘Golden Share’ of the club be held by a Community Benefit Society, which could take the form a Supporters Trust.186 This would require the club to take the consent of the Golden Share holder when taking certain decisions, including the sale of the stadium, relocation, joining a new. [...] Moreover, the government’s realisation of the negative impact the wider commercialisation of gambling is having on UK society has been highlighted through its commissioning of a Review of the Gambling Act 2000 in December 2020 in order ‘to ensure gambling regulation is fit for the digital age.’266 Yet the publication of this review, whilst promising ‘evidence on the effectiveness of safer gambling.

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