OCHA'S STRATEGIC PLAN 2023–2026 Transforming Humanitarian Coordination
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OCHA'S STRATEGIC PLAN 2023–2026 Transforming Humanitarian Coordination

3 February 2023


The its mandate and transformational priorities shaped the Plan’s vision of an international site hosted people over the next four years to meet those chal- humanitarian system able to respond to affected by the lenges and help achieve the Agenda 2030 and the challenges ahead, and of OCHA’s role in eruption of Mount the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). [...] The ERC and the Deputy ERC sit within the UN Secretariat, at the intersection of the international humanitarian system and political insti- tutions, and they can bring about a shared and holistic understanding of a crisis. [...] Humanitarian engagement the comfort levels of global and national with parties to conflict will be complicated leadership to engage with parties to conflict by the rapid growth of humanitarian opera- and manage politics, and on capacities and tions, the multiplication and fragmentation resources. [...] and participatory, to ensure the centrality of strengthen efforts to implement commit- She speaks with an protection and Accountability to Affected OCHA staff member ments across OCHA and the humanitarian People, and to cater to the diverse, inter- about the need for system to advance gender equality and sectoral and rapidly changing needs and children’s education strengthen accountability for wom. [...] on gender equality: driving robust gender leaders and staff, and of local and national OCHA/Kyaw Naing analysis; prioritizing the response to and the authorities and donors.

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