C’ P  G n - The North Policy Briefing - Here’s how teachings from the First
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C’ P G n - The North Policy Briefing - Here’s how teachings from the First

12 December 2022


We’re excited for is unhealthy and the chance to meet Indigenous unjust for all people from around the world humans, write and to amplify the importance Shauna Yeomans- of upholding different ways of Lindstrom and being, knowing and doing. [...] courtesy of Flickr/ For one of us, growing up in Umnak the community of the Taku River Tlingit First Nation, I remember travelling to our first fellowship gathering, and I had this realiza- tion that this was the same road that my grandmother took when she was taken away to residential schools. [...] Jewel Davies (Yekhu- Jewel Davies from a western perspective, mean- for the last year and a half in nashîn/Khatuku) belongs to the ing they tend to overemphasize our Yukon First Nations Climate Dakl’awedi (Eagle/Killer Whale) quantitative measures, silo issues, Action Fellowship to develop a Clan of the Inland Tlingit people. [...] The main message we’ve decided Tagish First Nation, grew up in One of the best parts about Think of the manufacturing of to raise is that “Reconnection Is Teslin and has lived in the Yukon going to conferences is the electric cars without considering Climate Action,” meaning discon- her whole life. [...] We’re curious about the massive mining operations nection from all parts of ourselves, ing her education with the Indige- the connections we’ll make, the required to make the batteries.

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