The Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Demanding a climate-safe response
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The Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Demanding a climate-safe response

14 August 2022


As the war in Ukraine shows no sign of easing, CCAG argues that any policy or rhetoric promoting a shift back to fossil fuels must be exposed and opposed. Beyond the immediate suffering and brutality caused by the war, it has triggered a new global energy shock. Shortages of gas, oil and petrol have rippled beyond the region to affect many countries around the world. Regardless of what each country does in response, action can and must align with climate-safe objectives and outcomes. There is no downside to this argument, and only upsides for the future safety of humanity. This briefing will show that nothing in the difficulties ahead justifies a rush to fossil fuels. Policies targeting demand management, maximising current generation capacity, and fast-tracking low-emissions energy production will deliver the most rapid improvements to energy supplies in the short term, and in the mid-term of the next three to five years.

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