COMPLIANCE DETERMINATION Tina Fontaine – Recommendation 2 0.50
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COMPLIANCE DETERMINATION Tina Fontaine – Recommendation 2 0.50

11 January 2023


Recommendation Information Special Report Name: A Place Where It Feels Like Home: The Story of Tina Fontaine Date Released: 3/12/2019 Full Recommendation: Recommendation Two: (including details) The Manitoba Advocate for Children and Youth recommends that Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living expedite the public release of a clear implementation plan to address the child and youth-specific re. [...] • For rec 1.6 of the Virgo report, the department indicated that the Roadmap includes a plan to develop a coordinated provincial response to the prevention of suicide for children, youth, and adults, with special consideration for at-risk communities and populations, and points to the Roadmap as a partial fulfillment of rec 1.6. [...] • The department indicates an investment of $600K was made to Addictions Foundation of Manitoba (AFM) to double the number of treatment beds for women, and an investment of $3.8M to Neechewan to improve access to Indigenous-led healing, care, and treatment services for youth experiencing sexual exploitation as actions taken to partially implement rec 2.15. [...] • The department outlines an investment of $1M in Strong Families Institute, the expansion of NorWest Youth Hub, IYS Expansion, investment of $2.1M in StreetReach in Thomson, $370K investment in StreetReach Winnipeg, an investment of $1.4M in Thrival Kits, investment of $675K in PAX Dream Makers, investment of $1.6M for expanding Community Schools Program, and an investment of $400K to launch Gran. [...] While the summary chart provided in 2020 was helpful in determining the activities that have occurred in association to 10 of the youth- specific recommendations named in the report, questions remain regarding the strategy to implement the remaining 29 recommendations.

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