Eurojust support in the protection of victims of crime in cross-border cases
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Eurojust support in the protection of victims of crime in cross-border cases

21 February 2023


Victims of crime in the EU are entitled to a series of rights, It highlights the rights that are specifically relevant in cross-border cases. [...] Directive 2012/29/EU establishing Directive 2011/36/EU on preventing needs: during pre-trial investigation Inform victims in other jurisdictions minimum standards on the rights, and combating trafficking in human and after the completion of the that they can make claims in their support and protection of victims of beings and protecting its victims. [...] A coordination meeting at Eurojust (travel, interpretation, etc.) for can help: victims; At an early stage of a case consider the use of video Eurojust can: elaborate a victims’ strategy recording, videoconferencing (consider type of damage, number and written statements to help identify the victims of victims, agree on the questions minimise the risk of secondary (particularly when they are an. [...] agree on specific investigative Eurojust can facilitate compensation/ measures; Eurojust can assist in drafting the remediation by: consider victims’ rights when JIT agreement assisting in the identification of deciding on transfer of proceedings victims entitled to compensation; or other judicial cooperation helping to categorise victims per instruments; type of damage and amount of determine. [...] Additional information regarding support to victims of crime The EU Victims’ Rights Platform Victim Support Europe (VSE) is the ensures a horizontal approach to European network of victim support victims’ rights.

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