Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB)
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Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB)

31 January 2023


finances investment in social sectors, including education, health and affordable housing, with The CEB has 42 members a focus on the needs of vulnerable people. [...] accessed here: € 4 billion The CEB is active in the sectors of Framework_2023_2027.pdfhealth and social care, education and in loans approved vocational training, administrative and annually judicial infrastructure, historic and cultural heritage, social and affordable https. [...] facilitate access to financing for social straddling several sectors financing/how-access-ceb-financing/ In order to maximise the impact of its and linked through a set of related activity, the CEB finances bankable objectives. [...] The CEB pays particular factors in the effective implementation attention to the quality of of the projects approved by the Bank. [...] More The CEB is committed to ensuring at: The CEB raises its funds integrity, transparency and relations/funding/ on the international compliance with internationally capital markets recognised best practices.

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