Back to school, but not caught up. - After school reopenings, administrators eager to
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Back to school, but not caught up. - After school reopenings, administrators eager to

2 November 2022


TACKLE LEARNING LOSS CONTINUE TO FACE CHALLENGES Overview For almost two years, the Center on Reinventing Public Education has followed five public charter and traditional school districts in a variety of urban and suburban settings to understand the academic, social and political challenges posed by the pandemic and to chronicle what local education systems are doing to address those challenges. [...] Explained the chief academic officer, “Part of [the task] is, how do we know that our schools are in pursuit of a more just, fair, and good system of education? And part of that is…are the students involved in complex tasks, is the learning joyful and adventurous?” By systematically–and qualitatively–assessing what was happening in classrooms, the district sought to gauge the extent to which often. [...] Explained the superintendent, “We realiz[ed] some of the things that we thought were the most important were not the most important to our families.” Given concerns raised in other reports about parent disengagement and student disinterest in the wake of Covid-19, the proactive outreach reported by three of the districts we interviewed may be an important resource for getting students to attend sc. [...] Explained the chief academic officer: ”I think it’s real easy to sit back and wait for the district alone to say ‘Here is the silver bullet for you to solve this problem.’ When in reality, the kids, the teachers in the building every day in that community, need to have some skin in the game. [...] Central offices have indispensable roles to play both in emergencies and in promoting equitable outcomes, but schools need to be free to adapt to the needs of their students and the capacities of their teachers.

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