The State of the American Student: Fall 2022 - A guide to pandemic
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The State of the American Student: Fall 2022 - A guide to pandemic

14 September 2022


It outlines the contours of the crisis American students faced during the pandemic and begins to chart a path to recovery and restitution for all students— which includes the essential work of building a new and better approach to public education that ensures an educational crisis of this magnitude cannot happen again. [...] Teachers’ unions embraced the opportunity to reinvigorate the profession and to make working in education more rewarding The community became a source of expertise and support for and sustainable. [...] The situation is, to use a term coined by Todd Rose, “With patients during the author of The End of Average, “jagged.” Some students are rebounding quickly, while others pandemic, I’ve seen the good are in very serious need of help in one or many and the bad and the ugly in areas. [...] But unfortunately, the two sets of factors—challenges at home and at school—too often overlapped, with the students with the most unstable family lives falling victim to educational bureaucracies, paralyzed by the crisis and unable to meet their needs, while some school districts and surrounding communities turned on a dime and found ways to innovate to meet the diverse needs of students and famil. [...] The need for change was apparent before the pandemic, as schools struggled to nurture the creativity and collaboration students need to thrive as adults in the future economy, pathways to rewarding careers became too narrow and rigid, and the potential of countless students with disabilities, rare talents, or other complex needs went unrealized by a system incapable of flexing to meet their needs.

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