The 2023 Legatu m - Prosperity Index TM - A tool for transformation


The 2023 Legatu m - Prosperity Index TM - A tool for transformation

27 Feb 2023

• The scope of their trade deals increase from 8% At the most elemental level, people’s lives have con- to only 12% of the global economy (while the tinued to improve around the world in the past decade, top 40 have increased their trade deal access to with the least prosperous countries seeing progress and foreign markets for goods from 31% of the glob- catching up to the rest of the world in all. [...] The Infrastructure and Market Access pillar The Economic Quality pillar measures how well an measures the quality of the infrastructure that economy is equipped to generate wealth sustainably enables trade, and distortions in the market for and with the full engagement of the workforce. [...] For example, Ethiopia duction of its labour force participation in the last three experienced the largest deteriorations in labour market decades and has deteriorated the most in the bottom 40 flexibility and the third largest increase in the burden of group. [...] generated benefiting limited sections of the economy.17 Hence, the prevailing narrative that focused on Mo- In fact, many of the Mozambican militants are motivated zambique’s peace dividends, economic growth, and the to continue the conflict by their sense of socio-economic promise of the country’s extraordinary natural resources did exclusion.15 Despite the existence of major mineral and not mate. [...] France (23rd) has deteriorated at the greatest rate for Safety Austria (14th) is the only country and Security in the region in in the region whose prosperity the past decade, falling 16 deteriorated in the past decade.
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