cover image: White Supremacy Groups in the United States  Key Points:


White Supremacy Groups in the United States Key Points:

23 Feb 2023

For example, the group’s self-description claims they are “dedicated to the study of immigration and race relations so as to better understand the consequences of America's increasing diversity….” 59 American Renaissance labels its so-called academic approach as “race realism,” the study of which it promotes as necessary for “the survival of the West.”60 American Renaissance also maintains a merch. [...] It was carried out in two stages: the Small Replacement [the change in culture with the rise of the petit bourgeoisie that replaced the great bourgeoisie, just as the former had replaced the aristocracy] which was in a way the preliminary anesthesia, the numbing: then the Great one, which is the operation itself, and it is well in progress as we speak.”81 o Chris Roberts, American Renaissance blog. [...] S.- based organization dedicated to Adolf Hitler and in “support the overthrow of all Jew- controlled governments worldwide in order to liberate the Aryan race.”120 According to NSO’s official program, NSO completely rejected the current social-political world order, which the group denounced as a “left-wing framework cultivated by the Jew.” 121 The group further called for all members to be armed. [...] The site listed Mason and former AWD leaders among its contributors.188 NSO also created accounts on Telegram and BitChute to spread propaganda.189 The group declared its dedication to Adolf Hitler and support of the “overthrow of all Jew-controlled governments worldwide in order to liberate the Aryan race.”190 As its symbol, NSO adopted a sword overlaying a red swastika on a black background.191. [...] The organization is dedicated to the total dominance of the Aryan race over the world and the extermination of “the Jewish subhumans,” as well as the elimination of all governments opposed to National Socialism.196 • Violent Activities: AWD propaganda videos have featured members armed with assault weapons attending military-style training sessions.



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