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Yemen - Emergency Health and Nutrition Project (English)

28 Feb 2023

Ratings for the Emergency Health and Nutrition Project for Yemen were as follows: outcome and Bank performance was highly satisfactory, and monitoring and evaluation (M and E) quality was substantial. Some lessons learned included: a simple project development objective (PDO) and flexible design enables operations to be adaptive and responsive to unexpected shocks. Covering all geographical areas and population groups is critical in emergency settings, but targeting should use available data to determine high investment returns. Partnering with competent and capable implementing agencies and establishing a clear understanding and line of communications about their roles and responsibilities are critical to achieve results in a challenging and fragile environment. Third-party monitoring (TPM) is an effective monitoring mechanism for project management, but projects should use well thought-out methodology and tools to produce high quality data. Data-driven, intensified implementation support helps the World Bank monitor project performance in real-time, identify potential risks, and act on appropriate mitigation measures at early stage. Improved compliance with fiduciary and environmental and social (E and S) safeguards arrangements require capacity building at implementing agencies and better access to documentation and data.
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