cover image: CIGI Papers No. 266 — June 2022 - A Future Built on Data


CIGI Papers No. 266 — June 2022 - A Future Built on Data

6 Mar 2023

The government followed the OECD defines a national data strategy as a plan declaration with a data strategy in December 2021.4 or vision that aims to increase the provision, use and reuse of various types of data held by Why are government officials writing such tomes? public and private entities in adherence with Data plays multiple roles in the economy and national norms and laws. [...] Policy makers on how to manage both the opportunities and cannot effectively ensure that data meets its risks that may arise for individuals and the nation commercial and public good potential without as a whole.6 Data strategies can address a single data governance (Organisation for Economic type of data and multiple aspects of the data Co-operation and Development [OECD] 2021). [...] According to infrastructure); demand conditions (the size of UNCTAD (2021, xv–xvi), China and the United the home demand and the sophistication of home States “account for half the world’s hyperscale country buyers as determinants of the international data centers, the highest rates of 5G adoption in competitiveness of countries); firm strategy, the world, 94 per cent of all funding of AI start-up. [...] The more this data is utilized through such a process, the United Kingdom: A Domestic smarter artificial intelligence will become.” So and International Focus the data dam is designed to standardize and de-identify data, creating a trustworthy process According to the UK government, the aim of the and platform. [...] The United Kingdom is determined to create a flexible data regime that provides both regulatory certainty and high data protection standards: “We will seek EU ‘data adequacy’ to maintain the free flow of personal data from the EEA, and we will pursue UK ‘data adequacy’ with global partners to promote the free flow of data to and from the UK and ensure that it will be properly protected” (ibid., mi.
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