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Morocco: Investigate torture allegations

Amnesty International fears that Mohamed Hajib is being punished for calling for the closure of the Témara detention centre and denouncing violations committed by the Moroccan authorities in the context of countering terrorism. [...] According to his family, Mohamed Hajib has reportedly been beaten and kicked repeatedly by the prison guards in Toulal Prison, while detained there between 17 and 28 May, his hands and feet were tied and while he was lying on the ground. [...] The prisoners were also criticizing the Moroccan security services’ abuses in the context of countering terrorism, including the torture of detainees in an unrecognized detention centre in Témara. [...] The detention centre is located in a forested area about 15 kilometres from Rabat and run by the Directorate for the Surveillance of the Territory (Direction de la surveillance du territoire, DST). [...] Amnesty International recognizes the right of the Moroccan authorities to undertake the necessary measures to ensure the safety and security of the prison staff as well as to maintain order.
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