cover image: Egypt: Universal Periodic Review: Opportunity to address human rights concerns in Egypt


Egypt: Universal Periodic Review: Opportunity to address human rights concerns in Egypt

Among the most pressing which Amnesty International has documented are the use of emergency legislation to arrest and detain people without charge or trial; the widespread use of torture and other ill- treatment; grossly unfair trials of civilians before military and emergency courts; restrictions on the peaceful exercise of the rights to freedom of expression, association and assembly; the rise i [...] Amnesty International urges the Egyptian government and other states to use the opportunity presented by the UPR to address these concerns in an open and candid manner and to agree measures to improve the situation of human rights in the country. [...] Amnesty International welcomes these sentiments and urges the Egyptian government to reflect them in practice during the UPR session and to undertake to implement recommendations made by other states during the review. [...] Amnesty International has previously submitted information to the UN in preparation for the review of Egypt’s human rights record, including specific recommendations for addressing the most serious abuses and strengthening the protection and promotion of human rights. [...] Further, Amnesty International is calling for the introduction of legal provisions and other measures to protect women from domestic violence, including marital rape and sexual harassment, and for an end to forced evictions of communities living in informal settlements and the development of a comprehensive plan to address inadequate housing conditions which pose a risk to the lives and health of
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MDE 12/009/2010
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United Kingdom


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