The NDC-NPP Duopoly In Ghana’s Multiparty Democracy
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The NDC-NPP Duopoly In Ghana’s Multiparty Democracy

7 March 2023


We Are Stuck With The Duopoly Yes, eight elections and thirty years later, it is easy to conclude that we are “stuck” with our two main political parties, the NDC and the NPP. [...] The story of parliamentary elections, as shown in the table below, also lends support to the “we are stuck with the NDC-NPP” narrative. [...] Even with a noticeable gap where preference for the duopoly is higher than the intention to vote for it, our election results have demonstrated a strong 1 | C D D - G h a n a B l o g p o s t s vote for the duopoly – 1992 (89%); 2000 round one (93%); 1996, 2004, 2008 round one (97%); 2012, 2016, 2020 (98%). [...] With the NDC-NPP hold on the political system very strong, I wonder if the demand for more political parties will materialize to the point where a third force can emerge as a strong viable alternative to the duopoly. [...] Table 3 – Demand For Political Parties|Ghana|2002-2022 Survey Year Percentage of Ghanaians who say more political parties are needed 2002 57% 2005 69% 2008 71% 2012 81% 2014 70% 2017 70% 2019 71% 2022 72% The Future Of The Duopoly The two main parties are not exactly the same.

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