cover image: Breaking Barriers to Women's Economic Inclusion in Grenada (English)


Breaking Barriers to Women's Economic Inclusion in Grenada (English)

8 Mar 2023

Grenada is a small upper-middle-income Caribbean Island with a young population, prone to natural disasters but also with an economy that is highly dependent on tourism. This policy note seeks to identify gendered barriers to economic inclusion in Grenada and to inform policy developments to promote progress in this area. Barriers to women's economic participation not only hurt women's well-being but also harm the country's growth and poverty-reduction prospects. The analysis considers barriers related to gaps in the accumulation of human capital, the misallocation of talent, and limitations in access to productive assets, including land and finance. The overall finding is that improving gender equality in economic participation offers a promising pathway to recovery in Grenada, as demonstrated by other country experiences across the world and particularly in the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region.
grenada gender and employment human capital accumulation gender and economic empowerment


De Paz Nieves,Carmen, Rubiano Matulevich,Eliana Carolina, Avila Parra,Clemente

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Breaking Barriers to Women's Economic Inclusion in Grenada
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