What is the EU Regulation on deforestation-free products and why should you care?
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What is the EU Regulation on deforestation-free products and why should you care?

14 March 2023


Imports from the high-risk the presence of Indigenous Peoples 4 in the country, region countries or regions will have a higher percentage of goods and area of production of the commodity; whether there has and companies checked by competent authorities. [...] Within one year of coming into force, the EU will assess whether the scope should be expanded from forests to BENCHMARKING, CHECKS AND PUNISHMENTS “forests and other wooded land”.5 After two years, the EU will assess whether to extend the scope of commodities and Countries or subnational jurisdictions will be rated high, products with a specific focus on maize and biofuel. [...] possible” on their due diligence system describing the products, the quantity and the source country/region, Degradation means “structural changes to forest cover, as well as the conclusion of their risk assessment and taking the form of the conversion of primary forest or possible mitigation measures taken. [...] Member States will be required to, by April 30 each year, ACCESS TO JUSTICE make publicly available information about how they have applied the EUDR, including the number and results of The EUDR provides that any person or company with a checks carried out; the quantity of relevant products checked sufficient interest (as determined by the national Member and the cases of non-compliance. [...] The EUDR does not, however, foresee access to legal infringements of the EUDR, naming the company involved, remedies to achieve redress or compensation of people the date, the activity and the nature and (if relevant) the or communities who have been harmed.

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