INSIGHT: GREATER CHINA - China’s new cabinet sets bold priorities for year
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INSIGHT: GREATER CHINA - China’s new cabinet sets bold priorities for year

16 March 2023


political meetings, collectively known as the ‘Two Sessions,’ the ‘zero-abstention’ “election” of Xi These new councillors and ministers, who will try Jinping as Chinese president (for the third time), and to stabilize China’s recovering economy over the newly configured top state organs, packed with Xi’s next five years, will be working under a significantly allies, reveal a tipping of the scale. [...] The CCP also revealed on March 7, the Ministry of Science and sees such power consolidation, meaning fewer checks Technology will redistribute some of its discipline- and balances for the country’s leadership, as a way to specific responsibilities to other ministries to better tackle some of the country’s bureaucratic inefficiencies. [...] Meanwhile, a new administration for financial regulation will be created directly IN BRIEF under the State Council to replace the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, Personnel shuffles within the State Council, China’s consolidating oversight and regulatory functions cabinet, saw Xi loyalist and former Shanghai party for the sector. [...] A business-friendly premier under Xi’s wings reassure the business community of his commitment to ensuring a level playing field for a private sector As the first regional official without national that “promises great opportunities.” During his experience turbocharged to the premiership, first press conference as premier on March 13, Li Li Qiang’s tenures in Zhejiang and Shanghai reaffirmed the g. [...] in 2017, as the new secretary general of the State ambassadorship shows that it is in China’s interest to Council and Li’s chief of staff.

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