Phase-based Tactical Analysis of Online Operations
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Phase-based Tactical Analysis of Online Operations

16 March 2023


A new model for analyzing online threats could help investigators detect and disrupt malicious operations more quickly—and enable them to better share their insights and understanding with one another.

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Ben Nimmo
Ben Nimmo is Meta’s global threat intelligence lead. He was a co-founder of the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFRLab), and later served as Graphika’s first head of investigations. He has helped to expose foreign election interference in the United States, United Kingdom and France; documented troll operations in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas; and been declared dead by an army of Twitter bots. A graduate of Cambridge University, he speaks French, German, Russian, and Latvian, among other languages.

Eric Hutchins
Eric Hutchins is a security engineer investigator on Meta’s influence operations team. During his nineteen-year career at Lockheed Martin, he co-authored the seminal Intrusions Kill Chain white paper, forged partnerships across industry and government, and founded the premiere enterprise network defense and insider threat team, LM-CIRT. He was the youngest engineer ever to achieve the seniormost rank of Lockheed Martin fellow. In 2021, he brought his net defense mindset to Meta and to a different problem space of countering influence operations.


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