INSIGHT: NORTHEAST ASIA - Japan’s push to expand ‘passport’ for a digital
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INSIGHT: NORTHEAST ASIA - Japan’s push to expand ‘passport’ for a digital

21 March 2023


Even before the government officially launched the card, eight simultaneous IN BRIEF lawsuits pertaining to the My Number Card personal identification system were filed in District In 2016, Japan introduced the 12-digit Individual Courts throughout Japan. [...] In October 2022, Digital Minister Kono of My Number Card announced that the government would fully integrate The approval of the cabinet bill to enable the use of Japan’s health insurance with the My Number Card the My Number Card for “equivalent operations” in system to eliminate redundancies and streamline the ongoing Diet session could allow the government medical processes. [...] Addressing cyber threats and increasing support the government, asking the Tokyo District Court to for rural areas clarify the legality of the government mandate to implement the system. [...] The plaintiffs argued that the In addressing existing concerns, the government will government’s attempt to force medical institutions to likely increase measures to protect the My Number accept the card without the National Diet amending Card system against potential cyber-attacks. [...] Full integration of health insurance and the My While concerns over privacy and implementation Number Card remain, the expanded use of the card could advance The full integration is expected to be completed in Japan’s uneven digital environment, where excessive the fall of 2024.

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