cover image: Doing Business in the European Union 2021 : Austria (English)


Doing Business in the European Union 2021 : Austria (English)

15 Mar 2023

Doing Business provides objective measures of business regulations and their enforcement across one hundred ninety-one economies. It is founded on the principle that economic activity benefits from clear rules: rules that allow voluntary exchanges between economic actors, set out strong property rights, facilitate the resolution of commercial disputes, and provide contractual partners with protections against arbitrariness and abuse. This report focuses on the rules and regulations that govern business activity in Austria and the efficacy of local-level bureaucracy. This layer of administration is especially important in a federal country like Austria, where states and local authorities play a crucial role in determining business regulations and implementing them. The study presents regional-level data and analyzes regulatory hurdles facing entrepreneurs in seven cities.
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Doing Business in the European Union 2021 : Austria
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