cover image: Beyond Recycling: Reckoning with Plastics in a Circular Economy


Beyond Recycling: Reckoning with Plastics in a Circular Economy

20 Mar 2023

Efforts used in conversations and policy discussions that center should be made to remove them from production on re-envisioning the full system of plastics, from the and manufacturing processes and along the full life extraction of feedstocks to manufacture and production, of the material, ensuring that any waste management design, use, and waste and disposal, and considering all initiatives do n. [...] This caution is especially pertinent in the context of • Policies to address the global plastics crisis should the negotiations toward a new global instrument to prioritize innovations that reduce resource end plastics pollution pursuant to the United Nations extraction for the production and use of plastics, Environment Assembly (UNEA) mandate and in the centering those innovations on just, cultu. [...] on the environment, the climate, and public health Circularity must apply to how materials like plastics move across the system of feedstock extraction, manufacture, through the economy in addition to limits to production use, and disposal, regardless of the durability of their and consumption. [...] The concept risks weakening to the point of Foundation, call for the “decoupl[ing]” of plastics irrelevance if one or two instances of reuse, or the use from the extraction of natural resources and reprocessing of toxic material through a limited number reinforce the need to respect human rights.13 of production cycles, can be equated to resource use reduction or externality elimination. [...] The communities and groups around the world.88 Several vast majority of plastics in the global supply never have models of waste prevention in the Global South and the opportunity to be recycled, and only a small portion among Black and Indigenous peoples of the Americas of those collected for recycling are recycled.82 Recycling emphasize the systemic approach to addressing the plastics — whether.
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