Is Joe Biden’s Ukraine Policy a Giant Mistake?


Is Joe Biden’s Ukraine Policy a Giant Mistake?

14 Mar 2023

America must debate Ukraine policy: Never is the U.S. more loved abroad than when Americans are dying for another country. Much of the world sees it as Washington’s duty to provide cheap cannon fodder for their defense. When Americans resist sacrificing their lives and wealth for others, they are accused of being selfish and defeatist, denounced as favoring dictatorship, and worse.The Arrogance of U.S. LeadersThe latest screed complaining about U.S. reluctance to put the interests of other nations first comes from journalist Natalia Antonova, who denounced those who question aid to Ukraine as “supporters of foreign dictators” and who criticize Washington’s prior destructive failures, such as the Iraq invasion, as promoting the narrative that “Americans should give up and let people like Russian President Vladimir Putin run the world.”


Doug Bandow

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