Understanding China’s Role as a Development Partner in Sarawak
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Understanding China’s Role as a Development Partner in Sarawak

23 March 2023


China’s Rise as a Major Development Partner An abundance of low-cost renewable energy has been the backbone of the Sarawak government’s development strategy since the implementation of the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) in 2008. [...] China’s growth as a major development partner in the state followed the Sarawak government’s shift to play a greater role in the state’s development vis-à-vis the federal government. [...] Instead of turning to FDI, however, the Sarawak government has expanded its role in financing or raising funds for infrastructure and energy projects in a bid to assume greater control of strategic sectors vis-à-vis federal power, and to ensure that the state maintains its pace of development. [...] The impact of the state government’s expanded role in driving and financing development projects through SEB and DBoS has limited Chinese FDI in both infrastructure and energy post-Bakun. [...] China’s Outlook as a Development Partner Given the Sarawak government’s strong hand in directing the state’s economic growth, China’s outlook as a development partner is tied to changes in the state .

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