Breaking The Cycle of IMF Support – IMANI
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Breaking The Cycle of IMF Support – IMANI

5 April 2023


11 “If the procurement entity uses the method of procurement other than competitive tendering, it shall include in the record required a statement of the grounds and circumstances on which it relied to justify the use of that method.” (Section 35 (3) of the Public Procurement Act, as Amended) A review of 1143 transactions by PBCOSIs and MDAs, published on the website of the Public Procurement Auth. [...] The attempt of the finance ministry under the new government to cancel the LC was unsuccessful since Capital Bank insisted it did not have the mandate to cancel the LC and reimburse the funds. [...] The President suspended Mr Adjei from his position following the expose, and the case was referred to the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) and the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) to investigate allegations of corruption and conflict of interest, respectively. [...] By the end of 2021, the audit process was completed, and the government indicated its readiness to engage the relevant constituents of the project. [...] As of January 2019, legacy debts in the power sector amounted to about $2.31 billion, projected to increase to about $12 billion by 2023 if strict measures are not taken to pull the brakes on the accumulating debts.27 As part of ESRP’s implementation, the Government of Ghana instituted the cash waterfall mechanism to instil fairness in the distribution of power sector revenues through the followin.

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