cover image: Volume 12 . Number 1 . December 2022


Volume 12 . Number 1 . December 2022

13 Apr 2023

The policies of the African Union on the matter include the African Youth Charter, Youth Decade Plan of Action, and the Malabo Decision on Youth Empowerment all of which are neatly connected to the attainment of the AU Agenda 2063. [...] Analysis of Karamoja region of Uganda Karamoja region lies in north-eastern Uganda bordering the Republic of Kenya to the east and the Republic of South Sudan to the north and north-east. [...] The arms eased the process of acquiring livestock by the Karimojong through rustling.6 16 Is Cattle Rustling in Karamoja Region of Uganda an Act of Terrorism ? It is argued that some of the traders were involved in some of these raids in order to appease the Karimojong, thereby increasing the scale and intensity of the raids. [...] It was also designed to provide for investigation of acts of terrorism and obtain information in respect of such acts including the authorizing of the interception of the correspondence of and the surveillance of persons suspected to be planning or to be involved in acts of terrorism and provide for other related matters. [...] By comparatively analyzing the typology of school-focused assaults associated with the two distinct groups involved in the attacks ‒ fundamentalist Islamist organizations and organized criminal groups ‒ the study reviews the applicability of international law to the deliberate and systemic attack on schools and the abduction of schoolchildren by combatants as an operational strategy in Nigeria.
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