Uganda: Violence against women in Northern Uganda
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Uganda: Violence against women in Northern Uganda


The first time I felt a lot of pain because he was too big. [...] I felt so bad because I was still young, but I had to accept to sleep with him. [...] I had no love for that man.” Filda Ayet was ten years old when the Lord’s Resistance Army abducted her from her home in Pabbo’s Camp for internally displaced people, 24 kilometres from the town of Gulu in northern Uganda. [...] The LRA has abducted thousands of women and girls over the course of a nineteen-year conflict that has brutalized the country’s Acholi and Lango communities. [...] Girls as young as 8 years old have been taken into the bush where they are indoctrinated into the ways of Joseph Kony – the LRA’s leader and self-proclaimed prophet.

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AFR 59/001/2005
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