Explainer - A fter  the ‘ Two S essions’: C hina  in 2023  and b eyond
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Explainer - A fter the ‘ Two S essions’: C hina in 2023 and b eyond

19 April 2023


The five m ain reports delivered to the NPC, the P remier’s Government Work Report, and r eports f rom the National Development a nd Reform Commission ( NDRC, the main planning body), t he Ministry of F inance, the S upreme P eople’s Court, and the S upreme P eople’s Procuratorate, enthusiastically lay o ut the main achievements of t he previous y ear; 2. [...] GPE15 April 2023 The party’s a dvance at the expense o f the state Before the 1989 protests, there w as a sharp battle w ithin the C hinese leadership between those who w anted to introduce a greater role for government at the expense o f the CCP and those w ho saw a ny weakening of p arty c ontrol as a d anger. [...] As he said in February 2023 at the opening o f the new t erm of t he Central Party School: …the l eadership of the party is directly related to the fundamental direction, f uture and d estiny of Chinese-style modernisation, and the ultimate success o r failure. [...] T he N PC reports r eflect t his: We will work unswervingly t o consolidate and develop the public sector and encourage, s upport, and guide t he d evelopment of the n on-public sector…We will p rotect the property r ights of private e nterprises and the interests of entrepreneurs in accordance with t he l aw, e ncourage a nd f acilitate the growth of the private sector and private enterprises, an. [...] Xi repeated it in February at the opening o f the new s ession at the Central Party S chool: We must a dhere to independence, self-reliance and s elf-improvement, i nsist on putting the development o f the country and the nation on the basis of o ur o wn strength, and insist on fi rmly grasping t he d estiny of our country's development and p rogress in o ur o wn hands.

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