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São Paulo Smart Mobility Program (English)

27 Apr 2023

The Smart Mobility Program for the City of São Paulo (hereafter referred to as the Smart Mobility Program or simply the Program), is one of the largest technical analysis and consultancy projects ever implemented by the World Bank in a single city. The Program was conceived to provide support to the São Paulo City Hall (Prefeitura Municipal de São Paulo, PMSP) to create a multidisciplinary strategic reference benchmark to improve the management and planning of mobility and urban accessibility in the City of São Paulo (and therefore a better quality of life for its citizens - especially the most vulnerable) through the deployment of inclusive policies, technological innovations, and smart planning. The main objective of the Smart Mobility Program is to promote integrated and sustainable transport systems in São Paulo to improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable inhabitants, reduce negative impacts on economic development, and combat climate change. The general recommendations suggest the creation of a Project Management Unit, with teams to detail and administer projects, implement the interventions, and monitor the results. The recommendations also include examining the potential for a participatory process and communication channels to encourage collaboration between institutions and select the appropriate management tools for the Program. This report highlights the development of Program activities and recommendations for São Paulo, which may also be of interest to other cities throughout the world.
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Bellas Lamas,Carlos, Fonseca De Medeiros,Tais, Moura Dos Santos,Beatriz, Pires De Souza,Eliana, Pereira Caldeira,Gabriel, Di Biase,Luca, Garcia Lippe,Maria Ines

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