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17 Mar 2023

The aims of the political economic and social forces or massive revolutionary viol leadership of each group vis-à-vis the other, the nature of ence, but Law can, particularly in the long run, affect the the relationship between their élites, and above all the framework in which these forces will operate, and can locus of power will determine what policy choices are reinforce or weaken the claims. [...] Revolution apart, and bearing in mind the of particular values, beliefs and perceptions and the felt dominant groups’ awareness of the inevitability of con urgency of the common task of peaceful co-existence all tinuing relationships between themselves and other groups, affect the possibilities of making particular arrangements it is the decisions of the current rulers (i.e. [...] If there are good government and good majority/minority relationships in a country these In the context of a study of majority/minority group are basically a reflection of the management capacity of relations the functional aims will either be integration of the élites and of the degree of political development and the groups and individuals into the larger society, or main responsibility of the. [...] Specification of use of the majority language only have arisen in European states where economic policies is likely to be particularly contentious in the context of and the growth of state industry are seen as favouring par the conduct of government business, including letter writ ticular ethnic groups concentrated in the region where ing, or in the context of requirements that civil servants pa. [...] conventions in Switzerland and Canada as to the state (and here the reference is to the police and in the ethno-linguistic composition of the cabinet.
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