cover image: TIMOTHY CURREN - Learning and Connecting With the Land - Faculty Mentor: James Stauch


TIMOTHY CURREN - Learning and Connecting With the Land - Faculty Mentor: James Stauch

24 Apr 2023

To stop two diametrically opposed individuals, which can be heading down these destructive paths, learning with the conceptualized as the ethical space of engagement.31 land and community is crucial.28 Literature from Indigenous scholars demonstrates the need to shift our learning In the context of learning at the post-secondary level, practices to recognize the many ways of learning and the the e. [...] The ethical to highlight a need to find congruence and connection space is intended to recognize how western institutions in our communities and relationships, especially in the have been poised in colonial authority over the sites context of Indigenous and western knowledge and learning in which learning, and knowledge is produced.32 Both paradigms.30 Indigenous and western streams of thought are. [...] The importance of the ethical space of engagement is that it poses both western and Ethical Space Indigenous knowledge in the context of balance, reflexivity, and humility toward each other’s knowledge systems.33 The The ethical space of engagement is central to moving literature is extensive on ethical spaces of engagement forward together and achieving reconciliation through both in Indigenous a. [...] Learning and Connecting With the Land 6 Colonialism and Decolonization in the Academy The history of learning and education in North America power in our systems. [...] These both highlight the through continued control of knowledge and the sites importance of colonial nations to take appropriate action of learning due to white/male/cis dominated positions of in deconstructing the colonial policies and institutions that continue to oppress the voices and culture of Indigenous peoples and nations on Turtle Island.45 35 Bastien & Mistaken Chief.
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