Greenpeace Nordic årsrapport 2022
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Greenpeace Nordic årsrapport 2022

10 May 2023


unsuccessful in reaching our goal of one million signatures to make a Citizen’s Initi- On the European level, four Nordic activists ative in the European Parliament, we were working as part of the European Fossil Ad instrumental in putting a ban on fossil ads Ban campaign joined the week of actions at on the political agenda, both in the Nordic the Cannes Lions Festival, the biggest adver- and the. [...] Protecting the world’s oceans on the global stage 2022 WAS A CHALLENGING but groundbre- leading up to the second part of the fifth aking year for the campaign to establish a round of negotiations in February 2023. [...] In December, however, we some of the strongest protection in Europe, saw a glimmer of hope as the 30x30 target with a total ban on bottom trawling and a (protecting 30% of the biodiversity of the full fishing ban in the majority of the area. [...] In April we launched and in the summer of 2022 the affected the documentary ‘Desert Under the Water’, areas grew for the fifth year in a row. [...] The project is ba- and Yerevan and prepared for the opening of sed on the makerspace culture’s philosophy the sixth and last Makerspace in Yaoundé.

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