cover image: STATE HATE - How Iran’s Press TV Uses Social Media to Promote Anti-Jewish Hatred



STATE HATE - How Iran’s Press TV Uses Social Media to Promote Anti-Jewish Hatred

26 Apr 2023

The ADL has described the project as “calling for the dismantling and disruption of the Boston Jewish community”.137 Miller observes that the Mapping Project shows the “intersection of the Zionist movement with other institutions of US imperialism.”9 The Anti-Defamation League is singled out and accused of working “hand in glove with the FBI and of “pursuing manufactured antisemitism claims as wel. [...] The report traces back the origins of these groups to Eastern Europe, North African Berbers, and Arabs, in order to frame the migration of Jewish people to Israel as “part of the process of colonization”.140 Palestine Declassified’s report concludes that “there is no unitary Jewish people with any historically continuous claim to the land of Palestine.”141 In the backdrop of this, Palestine Declas. [...] THE ZIONIST “GROOMING” OF YOUNG PEOPLE IN SCHOOLS AND UNIVERSITIES A recurring narrative throughout the project is the “grooming of young people”, including young Muslims and Jews, by the so-called Zionist movement.166 The project alleges that this Zionist movement is indoctrinating young people in schools and universities via a network of organizations, such as the Community Security Trust and th. [...] In one episode, the project alleges that the “Zionist regime is attempting to weaponize good will between women of different faiths to normalize Zionism in the Muslim community” in the UK.187 Throughout the series, it becomes clear that Palestine Declassified views this so-called Zionist movement present in the UK as part of a larger, transnational movement that is directed by the Israeli state. [...] And then later many of them Ukraine moved to Palestine and became part of the occupation of Palestine.” “It runs a children’s group called the Army of Hashem, which in the words of the David Miller in “National origins of Zionist leaders”, Palestine Declassified, Press TV, leader of the sect, the rebel who died in 1994, is dedicated to waging war against 30 July 2022, 06:43, .
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