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IWGIA_Book_The Indigenous World 2023_ENG

27 Mar 2023

THE INDIGENOUS WORLD 2023 2 IWGIA – The Indigenous World – 2023 The Indigenous World 2023 37th Edition. [...] This is also the case for many of the Indigenous Maasai people living in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Tanzania, which is a multiple land use area and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. [...] International Processes BISAC codes: LAW110000 Indigenous Peoples REF027000 Yearbooks & Annuals POLO35010 Political Freedom & Security / Human Rights Geographical area: World Publication date: April 2023 The reproduction and distribution of information contained in The Indigenous World is welcome as long as the source is cited. [...] However, the translation of articles into other languages and of the whole book is not allowed without the consent of IWGIA. [...] The articles reflect the authors’ own views and opinions and not necessarily those of IWGIA itself.
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