cover image: State of the Region 2023 - 2024


State of the Region 2023 - 2024

25 May 2023

While efforts are made to ensure that the views of the PECC members are taken into account, the opinions and the facts contained in this report are the sole responsibility of the authors and editorial committee and do not necessarily reflect those of the member committees of PECC, nor their individual members. [...] The frequency of a risk being of living as the biggest risk to growth, there selected is interpreted here as the likelihood of were differences on the 2nd most important risk, the materialization of the risk. [...] Perceptions of the Inclusiveness of the Economic Recovery There was a similarly large gap in perception As important as the recovery is, just as between sub-regions on the risk of climate important is the quality of growth as the region change, with those from Pacific South America and the world emerge from the pandemic. [...] There is also the explicit instruction from Based on modeling simulations, the magnitudes APEC Leaders in the Aotearoa Plan of Action of the adjustments of employment, which is to “[p]romote engagement with a broader measured in terms of the share of the labor force range of economic stakeholders, such as NGOs that needs to shift from certain sectors to other and civil society, to reflect the brea. [...] It took buy-in to the inclusion agenda, in spite of the Appellate Body crisis and the effective pronouncements by organizations like that of disabling of the WTO’s dispute settlement the Business Roundtable’s “Statement on the function to put the WTO back front and center Purpose of a Corporation”.


Eduardo Pedrosa

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