cover image: Dear David, Dear Kelly,


Dear David, Dear Kelly,

25 May 2023

Below are some examples (a non-exhaustive list): • The global methodology used by Oil Change International (OCI) in the report: it is OCI’s decision to use the Working Interest methodology and the “gross volumes and emissions” instead of the indirect emissions from use of the Company’s entitled production according to the widely used SEC methodology. [...] o Beyond the methodology issue, we noticed some material errors in the Rystad database with an important impact on the cumulated emissions attributed by OCI to TotalEnergies for the period 2023+. [...] o TotalEnergies has set the objective to keep the scope 3 emissions associated with the use of our products below 400 MtCO2e between 2023 and 2030 (see our Sustainability & Climate 2023 Progress Report, p.43). [...] The immediate focus must be on building the energy system of tomorrow while continuing to supply the energy the world needs today. [...] As a general remark, kindly note that TotalEnergies’ teams would be willing to discuss with yours sufficiently ahead of any publication mentioning our Company in order to exchange on the methodology and the figures used and to avoid such gross mischaracterization of TotalEnergies’ strategy.


Charlotte HUBERT

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United States of America