cover image: Guidelines for equitable participation in water decision-making


Guidelines for equitable participation in water decision-making

23 May 2023

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This report is designed to foster collaboration between researchers, practitioners and stakeholders who manage and allocate water. The guidelines address how to make multi-stakeholder participation and decision-making in water planning more equitable.Human decisions on water can have a wide effect, impacting rivers, ecosystems, economies, livelihoods, cultures and spiritual values. To make decisions more equitable, researchers and practitioners need to engage directly with the people affected and understand the norms, values and forms of knowledge surrounding water which underlie these decisions. The participation of people affected by the decisions, known as “stakeholders”, is deeply connected to power relations, and effective models are needed to understand these relations and enable meaningful participation for diverse stakeholders.
equity planning nexus governance : participation water : water resources


Susie Bresney, Doug Chalmers, Cláudia Coleoni, Alison Dyke, Marisa Escobar, Bobby Farnan, Laura Forni, Leonie Pearson, Tania Santos

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