Stockholm Environment Institute


Stockholm Environment Institute

Type Research Center
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Year founded 1989
Location Stockholm Sweden Sweden
Budget USD >100M
Functions Research
Funding sources Corporations, Foundations or grants, University-funded
Tags health environment energy gender economics climate governance water air land social policy
See also SEI Africa, SEI Oxford, SEI US
Summary SEI is an independent international research institute that has been engaged in environment and development issues at local, national, regional and global policy levels for more than 20 years. SEI's goal is to bring about change for sustainable development by bridging science and policy; it does this by providing integrated analysis that supports decision makers.

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SEI: Stockholm Environment Institute · 1 June 2023 English

This paper contributes to making just resilience operational by stocktaking and structuring the knowledge on just resilience in climate adaptation, with a specific focus on providing relevant information towards measuring …

SEI: Stockholm Environment Institute · 1 June 2023 English

The G20 and its member states have a unique opportunity to collaborate with international financial institutions in the roll out of low-carbon steel production globally to ensure developing and emerging …

SEI: Stockholm Environment Institute · 31 May 2023 English

This policy brief builds on updated data from the NDC-SDG Connections tool to analyse how countries’ climate commitments under the Paris Agreement have developed over time in relation to the …

SEI: Stockholm Environment Institute · 29 May 2023 English

In this paper the authors aim to design and test a social vulnerability index to floods at a sub-municipal level in Sweden.Floods disproportionately affect disadvantaged groups. Social vulnerability assessments are …

SEI: Stockholm Environment Institute · 26 May 2023 English

This paper explores the extent to which literature has addressed marine-multifunctional-modular-mobile (M4) solutions for the sustainable provision of critical services on islands and along coastlines (including continental nations’ coastlines).Multi-purpose offshore …

SEI: Stockholm Environment Institute · 26 May 2023 English

This report highlighted opportunities in the ASEAN region for more equitable and inclusive policymaking on air pollution – in terms of developing evidence-based policies through use of gender disaggregated data …

SEI: Stockholm Environment Institute · 25 May 2023 English

This paper provides an overview of the country’s manufacturing value chain of textiles and garments, and the status of sustainable manufacturing throughout these so-called upstream processes, from raw material procurement …

SEI: Stockholm Environment Institute · 24 May 2023 English

This report explores tensions embedded in the concept of sustainable polar cruise tourism in Svalbard.What makes an experience sustainable? Can polar cruise tourism in the High Arctic ever be sustainable? …

SEI: Stockholm Environment Institute · 24 May 2023 English

This paper offers a new conservation model and highlights the need to tackle distant wealth-related drivers of biodiversity loss, while empowering local stewards.The convergence of the biodiversity and climate crises, …

SEI: Stockholm Environment Institute · 23 May 2023 English

This report is designed to foster collaboration between researchers, practitioners and stakeholders who manage and allocate water. The guidelines address how to make multi-stakeholder participation and decision-making in water planning …

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