cover image: Environmental Funding by European Foundations : Volume 6


Environmental Funding by European Foundations : Volume 6

22 May 2023

The 6th edition of this research into environmental funding by European foundations is the most comprehensive report to date on environmental philanthropy in Europe. The report is based on 2021 grants data from 126 of the largest environmental foundations in Europe. The mapping analyses the 8,518 environmental grants made in 2021 by these foundations, worth a combined €1.6 billion. This is more than double the value of the grants analysed in the previous edition of this research. The report covers topics ranging from thematic focus of environmental grantmaking, to geographical distribution, to approaches to change and environmental discourses taken by funders, among others. It concludes with issues for foundations to consider as the world reckons with the current environmental and climate crisis.Â
europe environment and sustainable development foundation sector, history and analysis


Jon Cracknell, Huma Khan, Giulia Lombardi

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