cover image: Getting off gas: why, how, and who should pay?


Getting off gas: why, how, and who should pay?

16 Jun 2023

In Victoria and the ACT, the major users of gas are households and small businesses. [...] Because the Electricity is the best solution for low-temperature heat (such as heat is absorbed from the air, the only electricity used is to run the water heating, space heating, cooking, and drying). [...] And there will be much less time available for the logistical challenge of switching over Reticulated gas supply began in Sydney in 1841, using town gas – millions of appliances in homes and commercial buildings.18 a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide made from coal – to supply gas for street lighting. [...] Street lighting remained the dominant use of gas in as we will show in the next chapter, households in particular can save the 19th Century, but gas cookers, gas water heaters, and gas money by upgrading from gas to electricity. [...] And the technology is already available and in widespread use: more than 30 per cent of Australian households already use electric heating, cooking, and water heating.20 We could get all homes off the gas network by 2050 if every household upgraded its gas appliances to electric ones at the end of the appliances’ lives.


Wood, T., Reeve, A., and Suckling, E.

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