AIWC C20 event brochure _12_06_2023.cdr
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AIWC C20 event brochure _12_06_2023.cdr

12 June 2023


Added to that, the adverse impacts of climate change continue to burden marginalized populations – where social roles and status are crucial – making them more vulnerable Gender not only determines the ability of men and women to cope with environmental changes, but the underlying structural inequalities can also mean that those changes have a disproportionate impact on women. [...] These include insecure land and tenure rights, obstructed access to natural resource assets, limited participation in decision making, limited access to basic education, and lack of access to markets, capital, training and technologies. [...] Concept Note The priority issues of C20 focus on solving the socio-economic matters which touch the daily lives of the people, which include education, health, environment, technology and sewa (sense of service). [...] The cross- cutting issues relating to the sub-theme of 'climate resilience and social justice' can be addressed through the event. [...] The proposed event is primarily to flag issues relating to gender integration in climate responsive action, policies, and implementation plan – questioning and deliberating on: Ÿ Why we have to include gender in climate change discourse Ÿ Why social roles and responsibilities are important aspects to be considered Ÿ Acknowledgement of women not only as beneficiaries but also as contributors to sus.

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