PARK watch - A victory for nature: The end of native
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PARK watch - A victory for nature: The end of native

5 June 2023


This It's the consequence of poor decisions The list goes on; the Falls to Hotham lasting improvements to nature environmentalists across Alpine Walking Track, Warburton is also a testament to the hard work, failures to protect endangered wildlife by the people we've elected and resilience and determination of the like the iconic Greater Glider.conservation. [...] Protecting the Stonefly is just a drop in Review of Legislative Protections for the THE FAT-TAILED DUNNART HAS BEEN On 6 March 2023, we presented the ocean of the work required from Threatened Species and Communities of OFFICIALLY LISTED AS VICTORIA'S our evidence to the Secretary of the the Victorian Government to protect Victoria's Forests 1,999TH VULNERABLE ANIMAL Department of Energy, Environm. [...] BEN GILL NATURE CONSERVATION CAMPAIGNER BEN GILL REPORTS THAT WHILE ALL IS QUIET ON THE WOMBAT FOREST FRONT, ROGUE LOGGING HAS SHIFTED TO THE COBAWS The sounds of industrial logging The lack of adequate planning to better understand and make a have fallen quiet in the Wombat and proper management plans contribution to how these works are Forest in the last few months. [...] The announcement, the impacts of any last The promised Mt Buangor National addition of the new coupes is a bit of minute logging would be devastating Park is critical to the survival of Grevillea montis–cole subsp. [...] When undisturbed, the Mt Cole Grevillea year, so the threat of logging looms turned to grassy paddocks of bracken widespread, the Blue-winged Parrot is is a relatively long-lived shrub in the granitic loam soils of over the promised park for the next six and weedy thistles.

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