Food Outlook – Biannual report on global food markets
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Food Outlook – Biannual report on global food markets



FAO’s latest forecasts point to increases in production and higher stocks across several basic foodstuffs. However, global food production systems remain vulnerable to shocks, stemming from weather conditions, geopolitical tensions and policies, potentially tipping the delicate demand-supply balances, with implications for global food security. Issued twice a year, the November issue of the Food Outlook offers market summaries of FAO’s reviews of market supply and demand trends for the world’s major foodstuffs, namely cereals, oilcrops, sugar, meat, dairy and fish. It also looks at trends in food import bills, Ocean freight rates, international food prices and futures markets. The Markets and Trade Division of FAO, as part of the Global Information and Early Warning System (GIEWS), produces and publishes the Food Outlook to enhance transparency in global food markets. Concerning global cereal markets, the Food Outlook maintains a close synergy with the quarterly GIEWS publication Crop Prospects and Food Situation. Food Outlook is available in English. The summary section is available in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish.

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