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MINING THE DEPTHS OF INFLUENCE - How industry is forging the

3 Jul 2023

The two that appears skewed towards the answers questionnaires sent to the group’s members of industry (see parts 2.2 and 2.3); focused on ‘Permitting in the EU Member States’ ► A call for evidence – the feedback from and on ‘Stockpiling of raw materials in the EU companies and business groups, which Member States’. [...] And although the summary of the questionnaire responses in the Commission’s Impact Assessment does not attribute the opinions it received to specific Member States or businesses, the summary of the permitting questionnaire refers to “a call for creation of conditions for the development of communication programmes in order to increase social mining acceptance”, which strongly echoes the demands th. [...] more recycling is absent from its response to This table is replicated in the response to the Commission’s call for evidence (the word the call for evidence of EUROMETAUX, the ‘recycling’ features just once, and only in the funder of the KU Leuven study. [...] Association complained that the current The Commission’s summary of the responses criticality assessment “does not reflect to the call says that for “almost every business, on future demand increases”,36 and the barriers to the development of CRM projects in Critical Raw Materials Alliance – whose Europe, such as the lack of available funding members include Verde Magnesium and the and complex and. [...] The CRM Alliance, for example, responded to the Commission’s proposal with recommendations to “further support the achievement of the objectives of the regulation” such as early “socio- economic impact assessments” – ie not environmental – that are automatically “triggered in all legislation aiming to restrict the use of critical and strategic raw materials.”154 26 Lobbying towards the European Pa.
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