A History of Wilsons Promontory - by J. Ros. Garnet
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A History of Wilsons Promontory - by J. Ros. Garnet

13 February 2023


Through his history at a later date and wish to acknowledge the connection with the Field traditional owners of the Promontory (which was Naturalists Club of Victoria, known to Indigenous people as Yiruk or Wamoom), the he was one of the founders of importance of its many thousands of years of Aboriginal the Victorian National Parks Ros Garnet c. [...] It was one of the misfortunes of the It may explain, too, my sorrow and feelings of Authority that men of such a turn of mind should have utter frustration when confronted with the witless felt obliged to remain a member of a team whose first work of the vandal and the desecration of scenic duty, according to the National Parks Act, is ‘to maintain places by official bodies and private citizens al. [...] [Cattle grazing in this more exciting than a drive of 250 kilometres over all- area ended in the early 1990s – Ed.] weather bitumen roads, through Fish Creek or the The appearance of the former entrance at the Darby substantial town of Foster, over the Hoddle Ranges River has changed almost beyond recognition since the or the Foster Hills, down to the plain of the Yanakie days when it was the hub. [...] From the long backbone A disturbing factor in the program of preservation of ridge known as the Vereker Range subsidiary ranges the wildlife of the Promontory has been the continuance extend to both the east and west. [...] Efforts at salvaging the ship itself had to be that follows the northern shore of the island and heads abandoned after a few trials and the owners settled to the site of the present Welshpool.

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