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Why GeoMatch? - Matching People and Places About Us

7 Mar 2023

Which route is the safest? Who in our family should be the ones supports pilot testing to move? Where do I have the best chance at starting a new life? • Adaptable: integrates into AI-driven tools can transform the way we approach these questions, allowing us to existing processes and systems combine insights from big data with the expertise of service providers and • Easy to customize: government. [...] income; can include host country constraints and refugee The GeoMatch algorithm learns from data about past migrants (such as gender, or immigrants’ preferences country of origin, and level of education) and their integration outcomes (for example, how soon they were able to find employment, what types of jobs they • Human-centered: complements placement found, and whether they later moved to a ne. [...] The GeoMatch • Universal: can be deployed algorithm was published in the world’s leading scientific journal, Science, and its in many different countries and open source code embodies our commitment to transparency. [...] Long-Term Impact Fiscal: When asylum seekers, refugees, and immigrants are employed and integrated into society, sooner and in greater numbers, governments have higher tax revenues and lower the costs of social services such as welfare subsidies and unemployment insurance payments. [...] GeoMatch Director Research: We’ll work with you to understand the nuances of your immigration or resettlement process, make arrangements for data access, and conduct tests on historical data to assess the gains GeoMatch could deliver.
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