cover image: Issue One Survey Two Social Media Memo April 2023


Issue One Survey Two Social Media Memo April 2023

12 Apr 2023

More than eight out of ten Republicans (84%) and Democrats (83%) believe that more needs to be done to increase transparency, ensure privacy and protect children; Americans across the aisle want Congress to act to reduce the harms caused by social media platforms. [...] For the 7% who chose “none of the above” when it comes to social media usage (from a list of 15 platforms, “other messaging app” and “other social media platform”), 69% held social media deeply responsible for the spreading of false information and 33% held it fully responsible. [...] Eleven percent of Americans rate it as a 0; “heading in the completely wrong direction.” There is broad cross-partisan agreement that social media is heading in the wrong direction; more than half of Republicans and Nonpartisan Independents, and the plurality of Democrats believe that social media is headed in the wrong direction. [...] If your elected officials (members of Congress and state legislators) supported a law placing greater requirements on how technology companies allow children to use their online platforms, would you be more or less likely to support them in a re-election, or would there be no change? Over two thirds (68%) of Americans would support legislation which required social media platforms to make their pr. [...] Party Support for legislation requiring social media platforms to make their products and algorithms available for independent review Nationwide 68% support Republican 72% support Democrat 64% support Nonpartisan 73% support Independent Almost six out of ten (58%) Americans would be more likely to support their elected officials in a re-election if they supported laws to increase requirements on t.
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