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EVD Report_08_06_2023_ver 15.cdr

19 June 2023


In Nepal, the microfinance model has been tried with success in at least two sites utilising the corporate social responsibility (CSR) fund of the micro-finance institution to sensitise and orient the communities and local government on climate change and importance of EVD solutions. [...] The development of the 5-year NDC plans shall be open to civil society organisations and it is important that this is used to include local solutions in the NDCs, and subsequently in climate plans. [...] Meanwhile, the network grew and the nodal ministry, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India (GoI), for the first time in 1989-90 channelised funds to NGO Network of Biogas, through AFPRO. [...] This includes having local solutions assessed in the global stocktake (GST) of the NDCs, to have local solutions highlighted in the outcome of GST, and to have civil society proposing local solutions in the coming processes of formulating new NDCs. [...] 22 Low-carbon,, Climate-resilient Eco-Village Development in South Asia 5 Based on the findings of baseline survey and the village development plan (VDP), Grameen Shakti has identified the scope of climate-friendly technology solutions in cooperation with the villagers and has organised training for building the capacity of the villagers to implement and use the EVD solutions.

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